Explore the top six tapas bars in Palma de Mallorca and discover what makes them unique! 

You’ve planned that longed-for trip to Palma de Mallorca. You’ve prepared everything from packing your suitcase to your list of the best things to do and see in Palma de Mallorca. But now you’re wondering where to get good tapas in Palma. 

Tapas are, together with paella, the prototypical dish of Spanish cuisine. “Going out for tapas” means getting to know the best tapas bars in town, joining gatherings of Spaniards crowded around bar tables, and feeling like a local. It also means studying menus, looking for the most authentic Spanish tapas, and deciding what to order.

And this is precisely where this article comes in very handy! In no particular order, here is a list presenting Palma’s best tapas bars worth checking out.

#1 Gust Gourmet Bar

Try Spain’s best products at Gust Gourmet Bar! The ideal setting in front of the Olivar Market makes it a perfect spot to have a nice break in the city center while enjoying exquisite tapas made with fresh food from the local market!

To complete your experience, accompany your gourmet tapas with a glass of Spanish wine or one of the country’s best-sellers, Sangria. They also have a very comfortable terrace!

However, a real eye-catcher at Gust Gourmet Bar is “The Tower,” a delicious platter that includes artisanal cheeses from around the country and fresh Iberico cuts!

Price: €€

Ambience: Modern, cozy, comfy

Address: Plaça de l’Olivar, 7, Centre, 07002 Palma

#2 Bar España

Bar España is a classic tapas bar in Palma’s old town serving excellent food. Here, you can try a wide range of tasty tapas, which are also an absolute delight to the eye! It is precisely one of those places you are looking for when visiting Mallorca: an authentic Spanish tapas bar experience!

In addition to the menu, you can go directly to the bar, grab an empty plate, and choose whatever pintxos (topped bread slices) you like; many are vegetarian or vegan. TIP: Bar España is a popular tapas bar, so it is best to book a table online

Price: €€

Ambience: Rustic, relaxed

Address: Carrer de Can Escursac, 12, Centre, 07001 Palma

#3 Bodega Can Rigo

If you fancy a place that feels like proper Spain, go to Bodega Can Rigo. The rustic wine cellar is an authentic old-fashioned place where you can enjoy traditional tapas with a wide selection of wines.

Choose from the country’s best-known tapas, like Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española) and homemade meatballs (Albóndigas), or order delicious cheese and Iberico ham platters.


Ambience: Rustic, warm, authentic

Address: Carrer de Sant Feliu, 16, Centre, 07012 Palma

#4 Tapas Palma

For a delightful tapas experience, go to Tapas Palma, the perfect place to enjoy varied tapas, including typical Mallorcan recipes! You will get exquisite, homemade Spanish food made with love and full of flavors.

To make the most of your Spanish food experience, try one of their best-sellers, the Iberian ham tower, while listening to music from the 2000s in the background. It perfectly fits the atmosphere of this tapas bar. TIP: Make a reservation beforehand, as space is limited.

Price: €€

Ambience: Pleasant, cozy, inviting

Address: Carrer de Monsenyor Palmer, 6, Ponent, 07014 Palma

#5 La Tortillería de Palma

If you are a Spanish Omelets (Tortilla Española) fan, La Tortillería de Palma is the perfect place to go! This bar specializes in making one of Spain’s most traditional foods, the potato omelet.

Not only do they have the classic version of a Spanish Tortilla, but they also have a wide variety of them! Galician-style octopus, Mojo Picón, Sobrasada, and Truffle are just a few.

The best thing, however, is that they constantly innovate their artisan tortillas, so you will always find something new to try on the menu. 


Ambience: Informal, cozy

Address: Plaça de la Quartera, 1, Centre, 07002 Palma

#6 Bazaar

Bazaar is a tapas restaurant located on a beautiful square in the heart of Palma’s old town.

It offers its guests elaborate tapas. To be more precise, it specializes in fusion-style tapas with creative flavors like “Padrón peppers fried in ground almonds and orange zest” or “Prawns on avocado mousse with mango sauce.” 

Additionally, you’ll have a great time listening to live music by local artists, which will undoubtedly complete your tapas food experience.

Price: €€

Ambience: Accommodating, casual, relaxed

Address: Plaça d’En Coll, 3, Centre, 07001 Palma

Website: www.bazaar.sicheff.es/en

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